About Us

JT’s Rustic Cuisine is a black owned catering company that provides you with delicious buffet catering for all types of events. We take the stress away from your party planning when it comes to serving a delectable meal! We can create a custom menu to fit your type of event, a certain culture and your budget. It is our mission to ensure all of our customers have the most professional service for their special event. JT’s Rustic Cuisine is here to help with any event, whether it be a birthday party, backyard BBQ or baby shower! We are here to turn your vision into a reality!

Meet the Chef

Chef Jessy T or Chef Jessica Thomas has been cooking professionally for 6 years and has always had a passion for food. Owning a catering company has been a dream of Chef JT’s since she was young. Her passion for cooking has definitely come from growing up and cooking with her mother in the kitchen, always eager to learn. Chef JT attended SUNY Cobleskill in upstate NY and graduated with a Culinary Arts Management degree. While being in college, she had the opportunity to work for Walt Disney World during a culinary college program. When she was there, she got to work under very skilled chefs that helped her on her journey to be who she is today. After that, she would move on to being line cooks in restaurants where she gained most of her culinary knowledge and also helped shape her to be such a strong leader and chef. While working in restaurants was fun for her, deep down she knew catering was her real passion and the thing that made her the happiest. Chef Jessy T’s attention to detail, determined manner and perfectionist attitude have always been traits that have led her to success, and it will continue to! The name “ JT’s Rustic Cuisine” is a name that perfectly describes the service you will receive when you choose us for your event! Our food is not fine dining, our food tastes like a home cooked meal on Sunday night and makes you feel love and comfort!

Jessica Thomas Signature